Dec '11

Even if I manage to get all the stuff I still have to do done by Christmas, I wouldn’t feel comfortable to release it without extensive testing, so a Christmas release is out of the question. We’ll see about a New Year’s Eve release.
Here’s my very incomplete list of stuff to do to show you that it’s quite a lot left to do.

  • Empty block image for underground and castle are sometimes different. figure that shit out
  • Invisible blocks have different graphic underground and in castle.
  • Make mario fall off ledges if 1 pixel on it
  • small delay before coming out of pipes
  • platform spawners
  • flying fish
  • Those koopa like bugs
  • lakito
  • spikeys
  • spring
  • bowser
  • squids
  • rotating fire something
  • animations (grow, shrink, sorry mario..)
  • seesaw platforms
  • castle repeats
  • plants
  • underwater physics
  • vines
  • fix orange gel
  • fix up ALL the levels
  • fix up multiplayer
  • fix up splitscreen
  • everything.