Mar '12

Hey everyone!
We’ve just updated all four downloads with version 1.1 of Mari0! This will hopefully fix most of the problems found in the initial release, so please redownload the game!
Edited: We’ve updated the download (again). If 1-2 didn’t work for you, redownload!

Some hints:
If you are on OSX and have problems with lags when jumping, turn the volume down to 0. It’s an issue with Löve as far as we can tell.

If you edited one of the mappacks that come with the game, you can now reset them in the misc options menu.

Game doesn’t look right on Windows XP? Hey people, stop using an OS that is over 10 years old.

Full changelog after the break.

- Fixed crash that happened in 1-4 (It was a typo in the code..)
- Fixed starman music
- Fixed enemies walking on invisible tiles
- Added smb and portal mappack reset option to misc menu
- Fixed 2-1
- Fixed music stopping
- Added 50 points on blockbreak
- Added reset options setting
- Added vsync option
- Added pause on focus loss
- Added ability to enable joystick control for player 1
- Fixed tile descriptions
- Added custom tile support for menu background
- Made it so you have to press right to go into a right-pipe
- Bulletbills now fire earlier and fixed the delay
- Fixed koopas not colliding with springs
- Added bulletbill sound
- Added check for mismatching mazetiles
- Fixed mazes not moving the screenboundary and firestart