Mar '12

Hopefully, this version will be superior in every aspect.
OSX build of Löve still has issues with sound playback, so turn the volume to 0 if that happens. You’ll have to do this through the ingame pause menu to work!
We’ll let you know when that is resolved.

Not gates!

A rough (I forgot most of what I changed) changelog after the break!

- Fixed Lakitus
- Fixed Several maps (like Portal 2-1)
- Added not-gate
- Fixed linktool crash
- Fixed not respawning after dying 3 times in editor
- Fixed boxes unable to be picked up
- Added version number to misc options screen
- Fixed portaling onto buttons
- Fixed being able to trick emancipation grills
- Resizing mappack icons now to fit
- Mapped “enter” key to the same as “return”