Mar '12
And obviously the bestest!
This update fixes several incompatibilities with Windows XP and OSX and adds new, often requested features!
There’s a huge changelog with lots of awesome stuff for you guys after the break, roughly sorted by importance, so check that out.
Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at all the mappacks that were created by you, and decide which ones to make available for easy ingame download.

(It’s worded so weirdly because it was my todo list)
- Add “lives” option to mappack editing (including infinite)
- Add Alex’ thread loading to make sounds static to fix OSX sound problems
- add world selection, you can select worlds that you previously reached only, and this won’t show up unless you’ve unlocked more than World 1, so don’t ask WHERE IS IT.
- make doors stop lasers and lightbridges
- Make lasers and lightbridges inputs
- make enemies stompable from side when moving down
- Add hats for big mario
- tell idiot players to press *sprintkey* to run
- Added infinite lives cheat
- Added infinite time cheat
- fix lightbridge porting into walls
- _properly_ fix emancipation grill tricking
- Add key to open up mappack folder
- reduce/speed up koopas to their normal speed
- Stop people from shooting portals through geltubes
- fix overworld music
- add something resembling a loading screen so it isn’t all white/transparent
- add a “update your game” on outdated version to main menu
- fix 6-2 or somewhere around there castle
- fix checkpoints in editor not being reset
- check for out of range tile in mapload
- stop people from linking not gates and timers to themselves
- stop people from nil-ing rightclicks.
- fix jumping up into lightbridges due to jump-collision with blocks
- stop huge mario from starting big when game suspended
- fix 4-2_2 (warpzone) related portal shenanigans
- enable test starting in sublevels
- fix editor mousewheel scrolling crash
- fix several crashes when there’s no mouseowner
- fix hammers not being removed when they go offscreen
- add maximum amount of bulletbills onscreen (I just took a guess and made this 3)
- make it possible to make nobody the mouseowner
- fix fast scrolling fucking up mazes
- fix being able to port into nonexistant walls in mazes
- add notice about “press right to go to DLC”
- Fix multiplayer respawning when gameover sometimes
- raise standard portal color differences
- fix menu volume slider not disabling audio on 0
- fix sliding frame not displaying
- allow kpenter to function
- enable WASD controls for menu