Mar '12

Mari0 1.4 is out!
This possibly fixes problems when the game was not running correctly or slow on your computer before or had invisible maps, so try again now!
Not only does this include a bunch of fixes and changes, but we have also uploaded a new DLC pack created by xser0 you can play.

Full changelog after the break!

- Added checkpoints affecting the Y coordinate of spawn too
- Fixed spikeys gaining momentum
- Fixed space key for input boxes
- Changed hammers to only kill after portaled
- Fixed 5-1
- Fixed lakitos shot
- Changed shorter http timeout
- Fixed slow scrolling on pushing against wall
- Fixed fireball shoot hat offset
- Fixed koopas sometimes not destroying blocks
- Fixed enemies right next to koopashells not dying if you shoot the shell
- Fixed FSAA making shit slow
- Fixed Red koopas going all roadrunner
- Fixed box dispensers not blocking portals
- Fixed spikeys not killing lakitus
- Fixed koopas from getting into blocks. OOoooooOOoh now shut up about it
- Fixed red koopas not turning around after being portaled.
- Fixed laserdetectors continuously outputting
- Added gel entities for placing in editor
- Added LÖVE version check so people with 0.7.2 shut up
- Added notice about shaders being unsupported if they are
- Fixed cubes sometimes being fizzled when portaling
- Fixed bad keys crashing the game on startup
- Fixed fireballs bouncing off springs
- Fixed starman time
- Raised max bulletbills to 5
- Fixed shot koopa graphic
- Fixed portal 2-1
- Added mouselock on F12
- Added creation of “mappacks” folder on launch now