Mar '12

Well, it has been a pretty exciting week! Mari0 is already at version 1.4 and has been getting quite a lot of attention. If you’ve been wondering exactly how much attention, this should be quite informative.

Total number of downloads: 704,906 and counting
(Calculated from upload traffic on official servers)

Total server upload: ~3.2 TB
(Game files only; official servers included: Amazon S3 - 606 GB, dajoh - 888 GB)

Downloads by version:

  • Windows: 84.50%
  • OSX: 9.05%
  • Linux: 4.15%
  • Source: 2.30%

And now for something completely different, but very much related: We don’t mention them much, but you see their impact every single time you come here: Our donators!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of them! It’s nice to see that them valuing the time we have spent on this game over the course of a little over a year.

Thank you, lads, and have a good one. We plan to bring you hours of fun in the future as well.