Mar '12

Mari0 1.5 is out! Get it while it’s hot.

Gamewise, we have two new features requested by the community: Custom backgrounds and custom music! Check after the break for a short documentation.

But maybe more interesting, we have more new DLC packs than we had DLC packs before! So that’s like over 200% the mappacks there were before. Crazy, I know.
Download 1.5 and check the DLC section in Mappacks to find the following new additions:

Changelog and short documentation after the break!

- Added custom music support
- Added backgrounds (parallax and static)
- Added check for mapfile download fail
- Fixed Star animation on block
- Fixed Flower animation on block
- Fixed multicoin blocks behaving wrong
- Fixed ducking Mario not standing up on jumping underwater
- Fixed ducking Mario being able to shoot fireballs
- Fixed hammerbros falling through the floor
- Raised timeout for HTTP mappack download
- Fixed left facing tubes
- Fixed mazes not being recognized as solved correctly
- Fixed respawning players not having their colors reset
- Added Background settings
- Fixed fireballs through walls
- Fixed underwater duckwalk
- Fixed mushrooms and flowers not disappearing on touch when still coming out of block

How to use custom music:
Place “music.mp3” or “music.ogg” inside your mappacks folder, preferably ogg. Then select “custom” from the music list in the editor. You’ll need to have the track in the folder BEFORE loading the mappack.

How to use custom background:
The screen of Mari0 is 400x224 pixels.
The portal background is the standard custom background, you can overwrite it by doing the following:

Place “background1.png” inside your mappack folder.
You can keep adding consecutive numbers to add more than 1 background (background2.png, background3.png, etc) for parallax scrolling. Adjust the scroll factor slider (main tab) to control the speed of parallax scrolling.

This standard background can be overwritten by each map individually by putting “1-1background1.png” (for world 1-1) inside the folder. Also supports multiple backgrounds.
For sublevels, use “1-1_1background1.png”.

Then check the “Custom Background” box in the main tab of the editor.