Mar '12

Mari0 version 1.6 is up for grabs.

You know, I’m starting to see a pattern here:
- Uneven subversion: Adds features and is horribly broken.
- Even subversion: Fixes features and is awesome. I hope.

Nevertheless, this is mostly a bugfix update. It fixes the slow running on single core PCs and mappack downloading, as well as corrupted options.txt keeping the game from starting. We also have a challenging new DLC pack up:

See the full changelog after the break, as usual.

- Fixed single core lag problem
- Added sha1 check for complete mappack download
- Added 3 retry system
- Added error on error
- Just added the DLC to the download because why not
- Fixed game not starting with corrupt options.txt
- settings.txt is now a required file for folders to be displayed as mappacks
- Fixed underwater platforms dragging enemies